Wednesday, September 14, 2011

We Got A Puppy: Meet Lucille

We got a boxer puppy.  She's adorable.  And a handful.  But she's a lot of fun.  Minus the fact that she pees and poops a lot.  Potty training is exhausting!

My husband grew up with a boston terrier.  It died when he was in college.  Ever since we got married, he has wanted a dog.  I'm more of a cat person--and we already have two.  We decided to get a dog when we got a yard.  And, as you may know, we have a yard now.

Enter Lucille.

A ball of energy and a cuddler.  I'm a fan of our little gal, but I'm also exhausted!  I haven't been working, so I've been puppy-sitting all day.  I try to take her out every 30-45 minutes, but she still has accidents.

I haven't gotten much done lately (except blogging and endless pages of pinterest) because she falls asleep on the couch--but only when I'm on the couch too.  If I get up, she wakes up and follows me.  I can get stuff done in short bursts--if she wanders for too long, she either has an accident in the house or gets into the kitty's litter box.  So, I think I'll have to kennel her for a little while every now and again.

I can't imagine what having a kid will be like!  But at least babies poop in diapers!

What is your favorite and least favorite thing about puppies, or any pet for that matter?


  1. We have a dog and two cats and it seems like SO much more work since we got the dog. Our youngest cat is so jealous and has taken to peeing when she thinks the dog is getting more attention than her.

    It's a lot of fun having all these animals, though, and dogs bring a different energy into the house. Lucille is adorable!

  2. Charlotte: I completely know what you mean. Cats are so easy, and its hard to get used to the energy of a dog. But they're all worth it!

    Mary: Thanks! And by the way, your blog is exactly what I need to stay motivated to exercise! I actually have a draft of "How to Stay Motivated to Work Out"--which is currently blank!