Friday, November 4, 2011

It Worked! How to Grow Green Onions

I've become addicted to Pinterest.  Seriously.

I was recently intrigued by a pin that suggested saving the white green onion bottoms and planting them.  Well, I hate buying green onions.  I never use the whole bunch, and they get slimy and limp.  Bleh.

It just so happens I recently picked up some green onions from the store.  I have tons of planters and I had some dirt, so naturally I decided to plant the little guys to see if they'd actually grow.  The green onions I bought were just from the grocery store.  I wasn't expecting much.

And then the magic that is gardening happened.  They grew.  They are growing.  Regular green onions from the store.  Nothing special.

It made me think: why have I never thought of this before?  I'll never have to buy green onions again.  (Well, unless I kill them).

This little bit of gardening is getting me excited to start my real backyard garden!  I think I'm going to try garlic.  Fall is the time to plant, and spring the time to harvest.  And, I'm planning on starting a compost pile soon.  I just need to pick up a big plastic bin.

Do you garden?


  1. Hmm, isn't Fall the time to harvest and spring the time to plant?? Or is it opposite in the South??

    Sounds fun, I feel your pain on green onions dying before you eat more than a few - good work!

    I hate gardening, but if I had land and could stop hating it, I would grow a wall of asparagus


  2. Well Jen, I believe you're right in the fall harvest, spring plant. But apparently garlic, specifically, is the opposite. According to LSU at least.

    Also, I miss you! And I love asparagus too.


  3. I'd seen this on Pinterest but usually don't buy green onions (not for lack of liking them) so I haven't done about it. I think you've pushed me over the edge to actually do it. :)

    Something I can grow easily in my apartment! YAY!

  4. Do it! There is virtually no effort required.

  5. I think I'll do that! Does it have to be outside or could it be a kitchen window plant? Does it stink? When we move into our new house I'm planning on planting a window herb "garden."

    I wish I gardened more . . . but like Jen, I don't enjoy it all that much (at least so far). Luckily I have Teddy around to take care of that for me and he has quite the green thumb. :)

  6. I planted mine outside, but I'll probably bring all my plants inside when it gets too cold. I would think it would do fine in the window. And, as far as I know, it doesn't stink.

    Herb gardens are awesome.