Saturday, August 13, 2011

O My, Lord! How God (Suddenly) Provides

Remember when I posted What I'm Learning from God Lately: Trust about how we moved home and are looking for jobs?  Well, let me tell you, God always provides! You think trusting in him would be easier!

In about two days, our life changed drastically!

A week or so ago my husband snagged a job at a local restaurant.  All was set for us to stay with my mom for a couple of months while we saved up some monies.  Now, I am the kind of person who is always looking ahead, and for a little while I was ready to have a job and be where I wanted to be.  I prayed a lot about being patient and being content where I was.  And, finally I was okay with taking our time finding "real" jobs and hanging out with Mom.

It seems that right when I decided to be content, God dropped a job in the hub's lap.  He used to be a teacher, but had decided that he didn't want to teach anymore.  A friend texted him asking if he wanted to teach at our alma mater (and where he taught his first year) because they were desperate for a math teacher.  Usually he says no to any thought of teaching. However, this time his reaction was different.  He was strangely interested.  So, we thought and prayed.  He decided to call the principal.  He left two messages and never heard back.

That day he was scheduled to start training at the restaurant.  He hesitantly went it, and while he was at work the principal called and scheduled an interview with him for the next day.  After working his shift at the restaurant, he decided he did miss teaching after all.

So, he went in for the interview, got the job, and school started the next day.  He found out about the job, applied, got hired, and started all within three days! Now, he is at a job he loves (and at a school he loves), and he never thought he would teach again!

To top it all off, we even found a house to live in! We are renting my grandmother's old house for a nice low price. Now we can save up and pay off all our debt!

God always, always provides! Often in ways you didn't think were possible.

In what ways has God surprised you?


  1. This is awesome! I love when God provides is amazing and blatant ways! Last October our 4 year old told us we needed to go to this church down the street because he dreamed about it. We've been there ever since! It's amazing how God works!!

  2. Thats amazing, Casey! Gabe was similarly led by God--he never thought he would teach again, but something led him to apply for this job! And, he's so happy!