Thursday, September 15, 2011

Confessions About Budgeting. . .

I have a confession.  We have done a horrible job of budgeting this month. Its a good thing God saved our butts with me getting this job!

I suppose because the husband got a job we felt like we finally had some dough.  He gets paid once a month which isn't ideal because you have to make sure it lasts through the month (although I'm trying to see it as a motivation to keep up the budget).  I did the responsible thing and paid all the bills first.  But then we got a puppy. . . we went to Target. . .we went to dinner.  Our lump sum quickly dwindled.

Part of the reason we got Lucille and went to Target (I bought work clothes) was we were pretty sure I was going to get the job I interviewed for.  But then we had to wait on my background check to come back, and that took a while.  So I got nervous, thinking I may not get the job after all, causing me to freak out about our lack of budgeting.

Luckily (well, thanks to God's provision), I got the job and will start on Tuesday.  Whew! Checking account saved!

But--if the job would've fallen through, we would have been in a tight spot and would've had to eat ramen noodles for every meal (okay, it wouldn't have been quite that bad).  And I did get a bit nervous about everything going sour.

So, here is some encouragement if you have been or are thinking about budgeting:
  • Everyone splurges sometimes--even when they shouldn't (don't beat yourself up about it)
  • Getting used to a budget takes time, and sometimes you'll mess it all up
  • Society tells us to spend, spend, spend--so pat yourself on the back for just trying to budget
  • Even seasoned budgeters struggle!
While I do have a list of things I can't wait to get once I start getting paid, landing this job has encouraged me even more to get out of debt!  We're getting closer and closer!  Being debt free seems even more important now that both of us are bringing in a paycheck--if we stick with our budget plan, we just might attain some financial peace.  

Budget on my friends! 

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