Friday, November 18, 2011

Advent Consipiracy: Rethinking Christmas

(Photo courtesy of Living Water International,

Christmas is great. I love Christmas.

But, Christmas is also depressing. annoying. plain sad.

People act like fools to purchase stuff for people.  Others think how much you spend is commensurate with their love. You get loads of stuff you don't really want.

My husband and I aren't big on gifts.  Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries.  We just don't value stuff that much. We'd rather take a trip or go out to dinner.

Last year we decided to break the unending cycle of racking our brains to come up with a decent present for everyone on our list.  Instead, we participated in the Advent Conspiracy (although we didn't realize it at the time).

The tenants (so to speak) of Advent Conspiracy?
  • Worship fully
  • Spend less
  • Give more
  • Love all
The idea is that instead of spending a ton on worthless, material things, make some presents, spend some time with people, and give some money away.

We wrote everyone a note and gave them a small token (some chocolate, I think).  Then, we donated our Christmas budget to Living Water International.

And, surprisingly, it went over very well.  I thought my family and friends would think we were either crazy or cheap.  But, mostly everyone thought it was a good idea.

So, we're doing it again this year. 

I'm planning on making some homemade gifts this year.  Right now I'm thinking:

*Applesauce* & *Applebutter*


I've done a little bit of canning, so I think I can handle it.  (Blog post to follow!)

I'll come up with some more ideas before long (thanks to Pinterest)!

This year I urge you to:
  • Rethink Christmas
  • Spend less
  • Give more away
  • Celebrate Jesus
  • Love all.

Friday, November 4, 2011

It Worked! How to Grow Green Onions

I've become addicted to Pinterest.  Seriously.

I was recently intrigued by a pin that suggested saving the white green onion bottoms and planting them.  Well, I hate buying green onions.  I never use the whole bunch, and they get slimy and limp.  Bleh.

It just so happens I recently picked up some green onions from the store.  I have tons of planters and I had some dirt, so naturally I decided to plant the little guys to see if they'd actually grow.  The green onions I bought were just from the grocery store.  I wasn't expecting much.

And then the magic that is gardening happened.  They grew.  They are growing.  Regular green onions from the store.  Nothing special.

It made me think: why have I never thought of this before?  I'll never have to buy green onions again.  (Well, unless I kill them).

This little bit of gardening is getting me excited to start my real backyard garden!  I think I'm going to try garlic.  Fall is the time to plant, and spring the time to harvest.  And, I'm planning on starting a compost pile soon.  I just need to pick up a big plastic bin.

Do you garden?