Tuesday, September 13, 2011

O My, Lord! How God (Suddenly) Provides, Part II

Oh. My. Lord.  If you remember my post, O My, Lord! How God (Suddenly) Provides, my husband's job and a house fell into our laps.  Well, God has done it once again.  I pretty much have a job.  A good one--and one I didn't even know existed a month ago.

My stepmom is a legislative auditor--a CPA.  She did a presentation at work with a few other colleagues, and part of her presentation was on performance auditing.  She thought, "This would be great for Kristen."  So, she had me forward her my resume and she sent it to some people she knew in the performance department.  They said they didn't have any openings but would "keep me in mind."

So, I forgot about it.  And, honestly, I wasn't that interested either.  Auditing--sounds boring!  I had been thinking about getting certified to teach english and was prepared to go in that direction.

A week later HR called me wanting to set up an interview.  I was a bit shocked--still uninterested--but set up the interview anyway.

My stepmom offered to talk to me about performance auditing and help me prep for the interview.  We got together to look over some reports and whatnot.

After she explained the basics of performance auditing, I thought, this is perfect for me.  An audit is pretty much a giant research paper--only about a government organization.  You're on a team, conduct field research as well as "library" research, so to speak, and you write a report.  The goal is to find areas within the organization that could be more efficient and make recommendations to them.  So, in 6 months to a year, you become an expert on your assigned organization.

This allows for a great diversity in the job--from medicare to the prison system.  And, you aren't always doing the same work for each audit.  And, and, they are actually excited to have someone with and English background.  That's right! I'll be using my English MA after all!

Back to the interview.  I go in and have the most stress-free, easy going interview ever--and they all knew my stepmom.  After I leave, before I even get to my car, HR calls to set up a second interview for the next day. Sweet!

The second interview wasn't really an interview at all.  I met with some senior auditors and they talked to me about the job.  Then, I did a case study writing exercise, where I had to write about a hypothetical audit.   Nailed it.

But so now, here I am waiting.  The director has unofficially offered me a position--and even knows what audit he'll be putting me on--but we're waiting on my background check to come back.  We're still waiting.

I did a little research and discovered that the office that sends my background check (in PA) is flooded. Seriously flooded.  So, I'm hoping and praying that my paperwork can come through by the end of this week--so I can start next week.  And, of course, I'm praying for the people affected by the flooding.

So--here I am, thanking God for a job (one that I didn't even apply for) and waiting for all the formalities to go through.  And, I'm trying my hardest not to freak out and be afraid that all of this is going to fall through (which is quite characteristic of me).

Say a little prayer for my paperwork and the people in PA! And, hopefully, I'll be working next week!

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