Thursday, October 6, 2011

Before/After: the Study/Library/Den--Whatever its Called

We're in the process of getting our home together.  We are renting-to-own my grandmother's old house, so there is a lot of unpacking and repacking going on. But finally--finally!--we started painting! 

My grandparents added onto the house, so there is a big living room (the addition) and a smaller living room (the original).  We're having trouble figuring out what to call the original living room--the study? library? the den? Either way, it isn't the main living room. I like to think of it as my reading room. 

So, I wanted to go with a darker, deeper color scheme. Something that is enveloping, soothing. A place where you can get lost. 

I decided on plum.  And, thanks to DesignSeeds, I found the perfect color scheme:

Before, the room was painted a sunny yellow--which I did like, but I was more excited about choosing a new color and new "mood" for the room!

I had already moved the furniture when I remembered to take before pictures:

And, after! There is less light coming in the room because I took the pictures closer to dusk, but you can still get the idea. 

I've still got to get some accent color, and I've yet to figure out what I want to hang on the walls.  I'm also going to refinish some of the furniture.  Pretty much everything we have is hodgepodge hand-me-downs and Ikea furniture.  

Next, I'm going to paint the big living room! I can't wait!

Are you planning any renovations?


  1. Love the color! We've been in the same rental for 2+ years now. I didn't want to renovate someone else's house but I've had it with the kitchen. So, right now it's mid-renovation. Old (ugly) wallpaper is down and wainscoting and new chair rail/trim is on it's way up. I'm also perusing craigslist for a kitchen island for additional counter space.

    Small investment that we won't see the return on ... but we live here and it's worth the happy feelings I get when I think about the redo versus the dread I felt every time I walked into the (old) kitchen.

    Good luck on your projects!

  2. That corner stand is truly awesome.

  3. @Christie--I completely understand about renting. I am so so so excited that we can finally do some renovations. We rented for 6+ years in apartments where we could do nothing.

    Good luck with your *new* kitchen!

    @Room Designer--I agree. Thats a hand-me-down from the Grams!