Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oil Cleansing Method--FAIL!

I have, sigh, quit the oil cleansing method.

Its not that it wasn't working, but it wasn't getting better.  So, I switched back to my old facial cleanser--it didn't work either.

Its like I hit puberty again (really, I got off the pill and it screwed up my hormones and skin!) In fact, my skin is seriously worse than when I was a teenager. Eek!

My mom came to the rescue and ordered me the whole Mary Kay facial cleanser line (5 different products!)  She swears by it, so hopefully it works.  I'm tired of looking like a teenager!  I've been using the Mary Kay for about a week and so far my face is looking a little better.

I'm sad that my all-natural method didn't work.  I was really rooting for it to be a life changer!

Have any of your DIY remedies failed?

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