Monday, October 31, 2011

Hello Turquoise! Living Room Before/After, Part I

Part I of our living room make-over is complete!  The room is very big and bright, so I wanted to paint one wall a bold turquoise.  And, I wanted a color that would complement the pink carpet.  I'd like the room to be fresh, light, and open.  But, it still has a way to go!


Our cat, Sister, made a guest appearance.


Phase II will include putting a TV over the mantle and getting rid of the very big, old TV and entertainment center.  

Then, I'm going to slipcover the couch--maybe a chocolate brown or a coffee color.  It will go against the wall across from the fireplace. And, I'd like to get two armchairs for either side of the couch.  

My husband's music equipment will go where the entertainment center is now.  

By putting the TV on the mantle, it will open up the room, rather than divide it like it is now. 

I'm pretty excited to finish it!

Would you paint one of your rooms a bold, bright color?