Sunday, October 23, 2011

Planning for Lunch

I refuse to eat frozen or prepackaged lunches at work.  Refuse.

A few reasons why:
  1. They aren't that good.
  2. They aren't that good for you--sodium, sheesh!
  3. They leave you hungry an hour later. 
  4. I once got food poisoning from one of the most popular frozen dinner brands. It was horrible. 
In order to eat healthier and more delicious lunches, I've tried to do some planning.  Well, loose planning.  On Sunday, I usually make something, like yummy pasta salad or chicken breast, and figure out what I'm going to eat for the week (I may plan for leftovers). 

I don't mind eating the same thing all week--as long as it isn't sandwiches--I really don't like sandwiches.  Last week I ate leftover chicken, green beans (which were frozen), and pinto beans.  Simple, but quite delicious--and good for you! Eating somewhat-of-a-home-cooked-meal is very satisfying when you're in a cubicle all day.

Sometimes, I bring hummus, cheese and crackers, and some fruit, and it makes a nice lunch.  The fact is, its really not hard to bring something other than a sandwich or a frozen lunch.  Cooking a couple of chicken breasts isn't hard, throw in a veggie and some beans or rice or something.  Easy! 

This past weekend I was pretty busy, so I forgot to plan for the week.  I ate out twice, made a sandwich one day, and then brought leftovers for the remainder of the week.  I like to treat myself and eat out for lunch every now and again.  But, eating out multiple times a week gets pretty pricey, and where I work lunches aren't cheap. 

Another thing I do is bring snacks to work.  Right now I have some trail mix, wheat and peanut butter crackers, and sometimes carrots.  It helps keep me from loosing my mind sitting at my desk all day. And, I don't gorge myself at lunch and want to fall asleep once I get back to my desk.

What do you do for lunch?

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