Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cheap, DIY Halloween Costume: Zombies

This halloween, my husband and I lacked any clever costume ideas.  We had a work party to attend, and we didn't want to spend much money on a costume we'd wear once.

So, we decided to be zombies.  And, since it was a work party, we didn't go too bloody. (Some that I've seen are just gross.)

Great things about going as zombies:

  • You can wear anything.
  • All you have to buy is face paint.
  • Its really fun to paint your face.
  • Since we painted our faces, everyone thought our costumes were cool.
  • You can scare children (actually, the ones at the party weren't very scared at all).
  • You get to stagger around and grunt.

The total cost of both of our costumes combined: $9.

That's it. Nine dollars.  Can't beat that!

So, if you can't figure out what to be for Halloween this year, be a zombie!

What is your best DIY Halloween costume?

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