Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How a Cheap Piece of Plastic Saved My Car Wash

When we lived in the city we never washed our car.  Never.  But, now we are living in a house with a carport and a hose. Plus, we actually drive our car.

Naturally, I washed my car.  Instead of paying ten bucks or more to go get my car washed, I did the thrifty thing: I did it myself.  I gathered a bucket, some dish soap, and some rags went to the carport and washed away.

My concern with this particular car wash was how to get a splat of yellow paint off of my bumper.  In Philly, the garbage men dropped a can of paint and it splattered all over my back bumper.  It was just interior paint so I knew it would come off. But how would I scrape it off without scratching my paint job?  The rags wouldn't do anything, so I had to think of something.

Pampered Chef Nylon Pan Scrapers. A-mazing! I have been a long-time fan of these nifty little squares, and today they proved even more how valuable these guys are.

Not only did the pan scraper get the paint off, it was also helpful in getting off other junk that the rag wouldn't.  One side of my car looked like I ran over a can of soda--there were little brownish-pink spots everywhere, and the rag wasn't cutting it.  But, the pan scraper did the job easily and much faster.

I encourage everyone to save some money by 1) washing their own car with some soap and water and 2) getting out your pan scraper to help!  No need for fancy car wash sponges and soaps! And, you can get a healthy dose of Vitamin D.

If you do not have a pan scraper, I suggest you part with $3 and get one!

Any other car-washing tips?


  1. That is one thing I wish we could do, wash a car in a driveway!! Darn you city living!!

  2. Fabulous come wash your mama's car! I always said you were a smart girl! Love...Mum

  3. And I think that for your $3 you actually get 2 scrapers!

  4. Washing our car by hand was awesome! I never thought I'd be so excited to go outside only to get hot, soapy, and wet. But after living in the city, simply having a hose is exciting.

    And, Casey, I think you are right! Plus, there are other, cheaper brands out there.